Blood, Sweat and Gears Is Friggin’ Hard

Posted: June 28, 2010 in It's All Important Stuff

It is hard to imagine a more difficult century than Blood, Sweat and Gears. I highly recommend actually training before riding this.  Hmmm – note to self.

My hat (helmet) goes off to everyone who has ever tackled this many headed hydra.  I am blessed to be associated with many seriously talented athletes as friends.   For a hot and windy day, there were some seriously fast times posted.

Personally, I didn’t have the day that I was hoping for, but I got what I deserved for not taking it seriously.  This won’t happen again and I will be back next year to offer a better showing.

Notes to first-timers:

1) actually train

2) study the map

3) plan your nutrition / hydration like you would a half ironman

4) DO NOT DRINK the day before

5) hang out with friends who are not so bloody fast

6) ride your own pace – no matter what kind of cajoling or peer pressure takes place

  1. Donald says:

    Amen brother! You hit it on all counts… especially nutrition and pacing yourself!
    It’s one of my favorite mountain centuries! I’ve pedaled it three times but missed this year because of my Pyrenees trip. I’m glad you survived and you’ll be back next year! Hope to see you there. Best, Donald

  2. Craig says:

    Looks miserable. I want to do it!

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