Don’t Give Away The Stage Result Until I Watch The Coverage

Posted: July 15, 2010 in It's All Important Stuff

Almost everyone I know who follows the Tour De France records it during the day and watches it in the evening after work, or watches the evening coverage.  I certainly do.

The biggest challenge from this is avoiding discovery of the stage result, especially with Twitter, facebook, and websites all part of my normal routine.

There are a few “unwritten rules” that must be followed so that we can all enjoy Le Tour.

  1. Never EVER give away the current day stage results via conversation, blog, text, facebook, etc. before 10pm.
  2. You can NEVER discuss the current day stage in such a manner as to be overheard by others.
  3. ALWAYS ask the person with whom you are about to converse if it is OK to discuss the current day, prior to any mention.
  4. NO HINTS!  “ooh someone big crashed”, “I knew who was going to win” or “the break was caught just before the end” are all PROHIBIDO!

Don’t risk being ostracized or banished to the back of the pack.

  1. Lori Stevens says:

    I AGREE! Too bad it is my own husband or son that usually drops the hints…..

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