Personal Memories Of Le Tour

Posted: July 17, 2010 in It's All Important Stuff

I have had the wonderful pleasure to have attended Le Tour on Four occasions.  Lance treated us to four victories.

In 2002, we blew into Luxembourg City in time to see the Prologue Time Trial.  My French is suspect, but I swore that the L’Equipe Newspaper said that it started at noon.  We arrived around 9 am and scouted out the perfect spot to see the start and the finish.

My little guys (then 5 and 9) spent the entire day on a 3 x 6 section of asphalt along the barrier.  What was most amazing is that they were thoroughly entertained.  We watched the riders warm up, the organizers finish off the course preparations, and the the crazy “caravan”.  The race actually started at 4 pm.

Perhaps the most fun was that a reporter from Japanese TV came up and asked us questions in French, which we could not answer in French.  When she realized we were American, she switched to perfect English and asked my youngest who was going to win that day.  Jeremy replied very assuredly, “Lance!”  Jeremy was right.  Lance won the prologue.

Phil Liggett told us that, “Lance is coming down the finishing straight like a Grand Prix motor car.”

Watch Lance Win the 2002 Prologue

Lance being the winner in 2001, went down the ramp last.  He was clearly racing to win as he went by us in the first turn.  We watched him tear up the course on the jumbotron as we jumped the barriers toward the finish line.

All of us had the ideal spot right on the finish line as Lance came across for a 2 second victory.  Erik Zabel, Jan Ullrich and many others all had great days, but Lance won!

Jeremy sat high upon my shoulders as Lance donned the first maillot jaune of the race.

The Tour de France is special…Very special.


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