Gaining A Great Chance To Win Vs Losing The Chance To Win Greatly

Posted: July 21, 2010 in It's All Important Stuff

Lance attacked today.  My prediction was one day off, but, hey, the old guy looked pretty good out there.  Give him his due.  He rumbled with the young fast guys and made us all proud.  Four more days and we can begin the Ironman Kona countdown to 2011.  Lance won a great chance to win.

I really appreciate and respect the comments of everyone regarding Contador.  Contador, in my opinion, is a butt because he attacked when Andy had a mechanical.  I recognize the fairness of this debate.  If he weren’t previously a butt, I may not make such a fuss.

However, Alberto is a total tool because he continues with his story that he didn’t know Andy had a mechanical.  This is total BS.  He watched it happen in front of him.  He nearly crashed into him.  Race radio was cackling within seconds of the occurrence and Alberto not only didn’t slow down, but attacked all the stronger, whipping the entire top 5 into a frenzy.  He could have simply held out his hand and the others would have waited for 15 seconds while Andy jumped back on the back.

Fine, don’t wait for the yellow jersey, but just man up about it and say that the race was in front and you felt you had no choice but to go.  Contador will likely still win, but he lost his chance to win greatly.

Menchov and Sanchez have oddly escaped criticism, yet surely these two very experienced riders also share some of the responsibility. Ultimately however it was the second-place rider Contador who had most to gain, and, as the defending champion, up to him to suck it up and ask them to stop to wait for when the Yellow Jersey was in trouble.

Contador has little authority over the peloton, and this may have been part of the problem. No-one looked to him for guidance, as they would have if it were Armstrong in that position. One feels that whilst the other riders respect Contador as a rider, their respect for him as a leader is almost non-existent, because he is a butt.

Contador could have earned that respect yesterday and won the heart of the cycling world. Instead, he lost a great many fans and left many others trying to justify his unsportsmanlike behaviour.  So perhaps because he has previously been such a butt, he couldn’t help but be a tool today.  Ergo a possible defense – perhaps he should go with this.

See Contador’s apology video

Many of us will face Tour withdrawal on Wednesday, but Thursday should be an outstanding racing day.  Schleck has already promised fireworks.  “Thursday we will see a big attack,” he said.  He is pissed and, frankly, I hope he smacks Contador hard and gains a couple of minutes.   He will need it on Saturday.

  1. Kevin G says:

    Well said.

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