One More Chance For Andy and Alberto

Posted: July 22, 2010 in It's All Important Stuff

Time is up!  Andy either nails Contador on the Touramlet for 90 seconds or goes home in second.  Can he do it?  Absolutely, he can.

Andy is right where we expected him to be two weeks ago.  He is within striking range, but his achilles heel, called the race of truth for a reason, will most likely cost him 90 seconds on Saturday.  But, when you back a fierce competitor into a corner, you can never know what to expect.

Until now there was always tomorrow.  We are out of tomorrows.  Andy either attacks and wins on Thursday or he skips the best step in cycling – the top step on the Tour de France.

Andy Schleck says we haven’t seen his full strength yet, and I agree, he closed a big gap to Contador before the summit of the Port de Bales. What if Andy had slipped his chain with one more kilometer to climb?   I think Schleck would have thrown his bottle in Contador’s spokes and raced him into Pau.

Technically Alberto doesn’t have to attack. Last year Contador took 1:44 out of Schleck in 40.5 kilometers in the final individual time trial. This year, the Stage 19 time trial is 52 kilometers long.

Contador has yet to win a stage yet in this year’s Tour de France. He might be able to win the Tour without winning a stage, but I find it hard to believe he doesn’t want to win on the Tourmalet tomorrow.  Thus far, Andy has made him look bad. He was criticized for chasing down his teammate, Alexander Vinokourov – perhaps justly so. And then there was the toolness of Stage 15 when Schleck dropped his chain.  Again, further evidence that Contador is a butt and a tool.

Contador needs to win on the Tourmalet.  A real champion would do so.  A real champion would demonstrate his superiority. A champion races to win and not to lose.  We’ll see what Contador really is made on the slopes tomorrow.

Throw it down boys.  We want to see who is the best.

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