Amoral Victory

Posted: July 24, 2010 in It's All Important Stuff

I’ll be back to win in 2011

Andy’s youthful pledge to make it to the top step of the podium this year is not going to happen. Andy will slide into Paris with a mere  39sec deficit to Contador after starting today’s amazing Time Trial stage only eight seconds behind.

Schleck lost nearly two minutes to Contador in the final time trial last year.  He, and all of Luxembourg, should be very proud.  Schleck has seriously improved against the watch and dropped just 31 seconds to one of the best time trial riders in the world on a long windy parcours.

“I’ve always said I’ve progressed (in the time trial) but to beat Alberto is not easy. I gave it my all, and I just couldn’t beat him,” said Schleck.

“I’ve won two stages here, so for that I’m happy. I will come back next year to win. He is not unbeatable.”

The irony does not escape us that Andy lost 39 seconds when Alberto attacked him after dropping his chain on the “Jalabert” climb.  This abhorrence to tradition will long be argued among pedalphyles.  Yes 39sec is what Alberto gained that day and 39sec is exactly the lead going into Paris….hmmmm?

I do take solace that Contador was then obliged to gift Andy the stage on the Tourmalet.

“The Tour last three weeks, and you have to be good every day,” added Schleck.

“In the mountains I think we were about the same level. I messed up the prologue. In the Tour, it’s the final result that counts and he’s beaten me by 39 seconds.”

We all have to give it Contador. The guy is freakin’ good.  Lance has said that Alberto is better than he was in his prime.  Hard to judge this statement, but it surely could be true.  That being said, I still do not have to like him or respect his style.

Fabulous Fabian Cancellara did come through, on a course with a bit less wind, and trounced everyone for the stage win today.  He is clearly the class of racing the clock.

  1. Yea andy’s going to be back next year. no worries there. He’s going to get his share of podium finishes.

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