Le Tour 2010: Fin

Posted: July 25, 2010 in It's All Important Stuff

Yes, tomorrow many of us, certainly I, will look longingly at our TV’s, remote in hand, and pout or possibly tear up a bit.  Sunday in Paris is one of the greatest days in sport.  I have had the pleasure to watch Lance zip up four yellow jerseys on the top step in Paris.

The magic of the day is difficult to describe.  Paris is the greatest city in the world and the best venue to participate in the tour.

Not shown on TV is the amazing parade which takes place after the podium platitudes are over.  Each team takes a very slow celebratory lap up and down the Champs.  All of our heroes greet their fans.  Many regularly stop for family or their local fan clubs along the route.

I remember in 2005 when Christian Vande Velde jumped into the “Cutters” to a huge roar.  This is the time for all of us to thoroughly enjoy the amazing show that these guys and the organizers have put on.  By win number seven, Lance became even more unreachable, but the other guys are just guys.  They are our heroes, but mortal all the same.  It shows in Paris.  It is easy to forget that most are 23-29 years old and were working in their local bike shop a couple of years ago.

2010 was the most interesting tour I can remember, and I have been following for 30+ years.  In 1989 when LeMond took out Fignon in the final Time Trial is my all time favorite moment.  My neighbors must have thought that I lost it, as I screamed madly when Greg smoked Fignon in Paris. This is still the fastest time trial in history. Greg rode at 33.8 mph for 15 miles.

see the video of the Time Trial

But, 2010 has left us with so much to discuss.  Check back in over the next few days and we can have a chat about our favorite moments from this year. Please leave a comment about your thoughts on Le Grand Boucle.

Adieu Le Tour

  1. Lori Stevens says:

    I cried a tear for the Tour tonight. What will I do for another year? Good to see you at the Cup N Cone…

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