On Being Fearless

Posted: July 31, 2010 in It's All Important Stuff

Fear is the oddest of emotions.  I am constantly surprised at how it plays into my life, such that overcoming fear has been a prelude to all significant achievement.

Work has been terrible the past few days.  For several weeks my emotions have run out of my normal stoic control.  To a guy who relentlessly tries to control all variables, this is an extremely uncomfortable situation.  Frankly, I have not been crazy about where I found myself with my job and have been anxious about the risk in which this places me.  Ironically, this very fear has put me in a worse situation as it has caused me to behave in a manner which does not lead to success.  Go figure.

I also had a great week.  Thinking through my situation, I evaluated the worst possible outcome, rolling it through my mind until I realized that it just wasn’t that bad.  Then I pictured the best possible outcome and held my focus there.  I entered a tough negotiation and a delicate meeting with my head held high, and with total confidence.

I could picture the ideal state for all.  As such, I calmly laid out this picture for my boss and opened my mind to options beyond my focus.  Ironically, the final outcome was way beyond my best possible envisioned scenario.  Again, go figure.

Being afraid of losing precludes winning.  Visualizing a brilliant outcome and focusing energy there is a much more rational approach to achieving success.

I am going to have to try this in the lake next time I swim.

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