Object To Focus

Posted: August 1, 2010 in It's All Important Stuff

You have heard the phrase about someone being completely absorbed by their work.  The same could be said of any person who is intently occupied, by any subject, over an extended period.  This person is absorbing and consuming energy from within the subject until he becomes one with it, until he fully identifies himself with the object of concentration.  They are not being absorbed by their work – their work is absorbing them.

In our daily life there is a constant flow of energy from others to us and from us to others. We are a mixture of the energy, the personality of others and vice versa. Until we have learned to seek, accept and become true to our nature, we risk being lost to the subject and people of our focus.  Without this, we are subject to those who surround us.  The waves come at us from all direction.

When you choose a restaurant, sign up for a race or cast your vote for president,  you’ll actually never know whether this idea has been created by you or by someone else and just absorbed by you. You’ll never know whether what you do is actually what YOU want to do or whether it is something someone else wants you to do.  Think about how nice it could be to really know who you are and choose for yourself.

Seek yourself.  Seek your truth.  Be you!

  1. tim devinney says:

    I agree Todd! That is why I am the Love Train, lol.

  2. Very nicely put Todd!

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