Kicking The Crap Out Of Your Real Friends

Posted: August 5, 2010 in Bike Stories, It's All Important Stuff

The Thursday night ride at IOS is usually all about kicking the crap out of the person next to you.  Dosing out pain, or attempting to, is oddly a giant compliment to those who show up and submit to the ritual.  Avoiding pain, or rather the appearance of pain, is the goal. This testosterone fest applies to both sexes as total peers.

I have endured rides where I truly thought my eyeballs were going to pop out.  I have also had the incredible pleasure of dosing serious pain to the other crazies who, in a bad moment, I was able to take advantage of their fate.

Tonight was different…very different and it gave me a totally new picture of friends and friendly rivalries.

We knew that the weather was sketchy before we started.  Every bike rider is an amateur meteorologist and has opinions on radar interpretation.  We went anyway, despite the risk.  On the way to the lake the skies grew increasingly ominous.

Just before the turnaround the wind seriously began to toss us about and we finally made a good decision to U-turn early and head home.  For me these decisions are personal.  This was the IOSDT ride and I am the DT in that.  I would feel horrible if someone got hurt on my watch.  Thankfully common sense prevailed.

Of course, we had to hit the gas on the return flight.  It was kind of fast.  BUT, something amazing happened.  We all looked around and made a very serious assessment of who was with us – making mental note of who was in the pack.  It was so natural that we all looked out for one another and were so very careful  to make sure that each one arrived home safely with the group.  The lightning crashed all around us as we finished, but we finished together and we all made sure each other was safe.

After the ride phone calls were made to any potential stragglers to ensure that they arrived safely home.  The greatest adventures always have the greatest stories.  Tonight will certainly be the source of great stories in future.  We probably won’t discuss the respect we all have for each other, rather it will be a discussion of who was struggling or who went fast and how gnarly the lightning was.

Don’t forget these incredible friendships while, in future, we are attempting to kick the crap out of our real friends.


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