Focus: What’s The Goal Again?

Posted: August 8, 2010 in It's All Important Stuff

I spent my entire Saturday looking at apartments, comparing, & reconsidering.  After the third, I was unable to even remember the first and had to return.  I finally wound up at my current apartment complex to consider options there.

The problem is that I completely forgot the purpose of the exercise and practically wasted my entire day.  The plan was to find a smaller apartment which would cost a bit less AND relocate to an area such that my son could stay in his current magnet school.

I went ’round and ’round and wound up exactly where I began.  Only in this case, where I began didn’t meet the goal.  my actions were just expedient and familiar.

Setting goals is very important. With attention, They can keep us on track and allow us that measure which so many of us need in order to feel accomplishment.

But, they are useless if we do not constantly bounce our actions, plans and results against them.  Coach Stacey Richardson is famous for consistently insisting on “intentional training.”  Meaning, that each training session should have a purpose and move you toward your goal.  Now, if your “goal” is to have fun and ride with the cool kids. Then….that’s a different topic.

It is so incredibly easy to lose focus and be lost in the activity instead of remembering why we are doing it in the first place.  Emotions such as fear and guilt, along with behaviors like complacency and laziness, can cast us far adrift of our intended path.

Perhaps it’s time to FOCUS.  What’s the goal again?  What should I be doing right now?

  1. So what’s your goal Todd? I’m doing the Patriot’s half ironman in williamsburg VA on september 11th then the NOC Torture Century ride (106 miles around the nantahala river) on october 23rd. You game for either of those?

    • Todd Spain says:

      Pushing back a bit… John, is your goal to finish? win? a new PR? Have a GREAT time? I have raced Patriots. It is a very fun race and very well run. Enjoy.

  2. Jim P. says:

    I find it very hard to stick to my training plan when riding in a group (I either go too hard or not hard enough) yet I also really enjoy riding in a group. Do you spend a lot of time on solo rides/runs/swims?

    • Todd Spain says:

      The athletes who are successfully training and performing their best, train less in big groups and more in small focused groups with the same plan or alone. However, I believe it is entirely possible to enjoy large fun groups, but one must first find the right group on the right day at the right distance/speed. It is difficult to let a group go that is going to fast for your plan, or to break off if it is too slow.

      As we assemble and mange group rides/runs, it is very important that they have a published plan and that it be stuck to. People are placing faith in this in order to meet their training needs.

      Anyone else have comments on this?

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