Setting Goals: Oh Yeah, That’s Probably Important Too

Posted: August 8, 2010 in It's All Important Stuff

Developing goals can be quite difficult.  You need to really think through what you want.  You must also evaluate your support system along with your work and personal life. Look at my previous entry as to to how to stay FOCUSED on the desired outcomes.

Here is what I recommend:

1. Set clear and compelling results for goals. I recommend writing out your expected result(s), in the first person, present tense. Then stand up and read it aloud. If you smile and quake in your boots, then you got it about right.

2. Make sure your goals arise from heartfelt desires, not demands others place on you. This is not a time to say “should.”

3. Make your goals/visions as clear, compelling, and detailed as you can. Include specific success criteria. Exactly how are you going to measure this and know when you are done.

4. Ground your goals in reality. They should be far enough out to really stretch you, yet realistically obtainable in the time frame allowed.

5. Overcome with action. Learn from both your mistakes and successes. Build the momentum you need to work through challenges, overcome inertia, and to finish fully and successfully.

6. Match your values.  Setting goals that don’t match your personal values will bind you with internal conflict and doubt.  These must be consistent.

7. Get buy-in from your support system.  If your spouse, family and friends cannot support your plan then you either need to change your goals or everyone else in your life.  This is serious business – take it that way.

You can do it.  Set your goals, develop a plan to get there and move forward every day.


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