Hey, Did I Tear My Shorts?

Posted: August 12, 2010 in Bike Stories

About five years ago…sheez has it really been that long?……I was on the fast Saturday morning CSH ride with a very fun and experienced group, including my good friend Dick White.  If you don’t know Dick, he is a solid 50ish good ol’ southern boy who does not stop telling stories from the time you see him until he waves goodbye.  I have never heard the same story twice from him, because he makes it all up as he goes.

Dick can ride his bike well and has been doing so for a long time.  He is the perfect long ride group companion – safe, takes his pulls and is incredibly entertaining.

This morning the weather was clear and fall was just starting to take over summer.  We had already ridden about 45 miles of a 62 mile ride and just left the store in Wilsonville and headed North on Farrington.  It usually takes about a half mile to warm back up after stopping and we began coming up to speed in a single-file pace line.

Dick was in front of me and in front of him was a young Vet student from NC State.  She was/is a good bike rider, but I can’t remember her name.  You don’t always know what happens in these instances, but someone wiggled wrong and she came off the asphalt into the grass and tried to come back on the road.  As she did, she and Dick touched wheels and she went off into the ditch with a glorious flip.

I avoided the incident, but watched in horror as Dick followed her into the ditch and literally rode right over her back from right hip to left shoulder before tumbling over the other side.  Dick is a big guy and I was certain that she was going to be seriously hurt.  Before the group could even stop to check on her Dick hops straight up, looks right at me and says, “hey, did I tear my shorts?”, then looks down at his ass.

At this point I was thinking that she may have a broken spine.  Literally, she had a tire track, from her right hip to left shoulder, on her jersey and Dick’s first thought is of his shorts.

To be fair Dick did have on a brand-spankin’-new pair of expensive bib shorts and he did quickly turn his attention to her fate.  All turned out fine and we joked about her tire track on her back all the way home.

I love to ride my bike.

  1. Ann says:

    Very funny story. Glad she was alright.

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