Old Vs Fat And Old

Posted: August 13, 2010 in Bike Stories, It's All Important Stuff

“I guess I don’t mind so much being old, as I mind being fat and old.” – Peter Gabriel

The incessant heat of this summer is wearing on me.  Last night the heat index was 105 when we left for a “we are taking it easy, because it is so hot” ride.  This lasted about 20 minutes when the group shattered all over the road.

The fastest guys went up the road and the autobus formed at the rear with about 12 guys.  Three of us, with occasional help from others, took turns at the front all the way to the lake and most of the way back.  Each pull was tough and became shorter and shorter.  I don’t remember too many rides with sweat dripping out of my helmet and down my face for 1.5 hours.

Each time I took a turn, I would drift back and think that I couldn’t hang on to the end.  Each time enough recovery came, just in the nick of time, to catch the tail and hang on.  Toward the end the less experienced guys decided to start taking turns at the front.  One would be excruciatingly slow and the next would pull through and immediately crank up the pace 5-6 mph.

I’ll be honest, this behavior pisses me off.  Not pulling all day and then pulling through painfully slow, or worse, jacking up the speed, is just irritating.  Normally, I would have ridden up the line and told the guy doing this to slow back down to 25 mph or so and then resumed my place in line.  It may just be the heat of summer, but I can no longer rapidly increase effort from hard to crazy hard and then quickly recover.

Towards the end of the traditionally hard part of the ride, a complete rookie, with no water bottles on a 105 degree day, comes to the front and amps it up by 5 mph.  Where was this guy when I was taking 5 minute pulls?  I was out of water, dehydrated, beginning to cramp, frustrated, and I let the group go.  Perhaps I could have hung on, but didn’t.  I had simply had enough.

What is really pissing me off is that I am getting old – a few weeks from “the big 5 0” – OMG.  What if it’s not the heat and this is permanent??  AND…I have a bit of chub on my belly that I have never ever ever ever had before.  I am fat and old.  And, it all happened during the summer of 2010.

My apologies to anyone who has had to deal with me through this summer of “discovery.”

  1. Jim P. says:

    Don’t forget cantankerous … old, fat and cantankerous … and stay off the lawn kids!

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