Run Like Hell To Get The Agony Over With

Posted: August 14, 2010 in It's All Important Stuff

I am a cyclist: riding now for 30+ years. When it is no longer possible to hoist my keester atop for a spin, the end will not be far behind.

Swimming, is a recent adventure.  I literally learned how with adult swim classes in 2005.  The sensory deprivation and the rhythm within the comfort of the water can allow for a truly peaceful state.  Of course, all bets are off in open water, because that still scares the hell out of me.

Running, however, is not my thing.  I do it.  I try to love it.  I hang out with people who love it in hopes of it rubbing off.  I have all the cool accoutrement.  Last year I even had a run sponsorship from Under Armour.  How ironic is that?

The first few years I ran, my strategy was to run slowly, concentrating on building distance so that I could run the half or marathon in long-distance triathlons.  It worked.  I have completed all of the essential long races and am proud to be an Ironman.  But, there were certainly no records set.

My current strategy is: avoid signing up for long races (peer pressure is tremendous here); NEVER train over 8 miles; lots of run recovery time; and lastly, run like hell to get the agony over with.

In five years of running, the sacred “high” has almost completely avoided me.  But, with a few weeks in a row of proper training, no injuries, temperatures in the 60’s, no humidity, Carolina blue sky, a good nights sleep, no other life pressure, nothing rubbing or chafing, comfortable socks and new, but broken in shoes, I have experienced 2 to 3 miles of bearable pleasure, where I may actually enjoy it.  And, this, is precisely what keeps me coming back.

  1. […] Florida had my heart in my throat for weeks in advance, but on race day I was ridiculously calm.  Running is really not my thing, so I am usually just ready to get it over […]

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