One Day And 10 Degrees

Posted: August 15, 2010 in It's All Important Stuff

Rumors of my premature death have been greatly exaggerated, by me.

With partially cloudy skies, temperatures down 10 degrees and lower humidity, the ride today felt infinitely better than the past few days.  I ticked off a brisk 50-miler with my IOSDT teammates and truly felt great, like I wanted to go again (ok that is a bit of an exaggeration).  It would seem that my attitude has been duly adjusted.

This whole triathlon thing is very much about attitude and perseverance.  Someone should write that down and share it with everyone.

Bring on fall!

  1. Doug Robinson says:

    That was a great ride! * riders was very managable, the weather was awesome, and the speed was wonderful!

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