What You Want: What You Need

Posted: August 17, 2010 in It's All Important Stuff

I am writing this from a cramped American Airlines seat on my way to Dallas.  This flight is scheduled for just under 3 hours.  Ergo, allowing for some time to people watch and reflect.  My favorite hobby.  (See About Todd)

My bag was checked in about 50 minutes before flight.  The new millimeter wavelength body scanner should be fine enough to detect all of my weapons.  I so would not want that job.

The check in, security and Starbucks lines were all short.  So, after a brief wait at the gate I bounce on the plane and into 18F with my backpack and USA Today.  A l l  s m o o t h .

The last four people onto the plane are two retired couples.  These guys catch my attention because of the amazing amount of stuff they toted on and the ensuing commotion they cause.  Couple #1 are apparently the keepers of couple #2 who are a bit older (probably 75ish).  These old guys each have roller suitcases and backpacks, pillows, three newspapers, two books, blackberries, coffee, and bagels in a bag for this three hour flight.  As the last ones on, of course, there is no overhead bin space.  The attendants brief answer, suggesting that they check or store under the seat receives a “thanks for the help” retort.   Then the old dude drops his backpack on his partners foot. Nice move.  I thought she was going to punch him.

Summing up, these guys are late, have way to much shit, have a terribly distorted expectation and are passing all of their growing stress and issues to others.  While, the rest of us showed up early enough to take care of our business, drink our coffee, check our bag ($25 is worth the minimized stress), calmly get to our seat, huck our bag in the bin and text our buddies while the youngsters behind me meet and lay out their entire futures.

It occurs to me that how we manage our expectations, time and stuff greatly influences our stress and enjoyment.  I am glad that I recently thought about Consistency VS Flexibility.

  1. carol says:

    Nice article about grumpy old men (and women). How do you find time to blog while working a demanding job. I am struggling with time management. Maybe I need to go read your consistency vs flexibility post!

    It just occurred to me that I used to never read blogs. Now I do more reading than writing, because it’s easier! sigh…see you at the next IOS ride! Marty put two of those per week on my schedule!

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