Translating Air Travel To Triathlon

Posted: August 23, 2010 in It's All Important Stuff

The concept about my blog is to find creative ways to translate life to triathlon and vice versa.  Some of the articles are conceptual and subtle and others are very direct.  I will readily admit that today is a bit of a stretch, so bear with me.

I just cleared my second full body scan of the week in Kansas City International Airport.  Thankfully it did not take long, but airport security process has really become humiliating.  Shoes and belts are removed.  Any item of any personal value or comfort has been left at home, stashed or checked.  Then we approach the “millimeter scanner”, hoist our arms in the air and give the ultimate submission.  A complete stranger interprets our religion and we proceed to dress for a cacophony of strangers.

At what point have the terrorists already won?  I would argue that we are close.

However, while staring at the planes as I wait to board, I realize that in exchange for this brief humiliation, stress, effort and intense planning, we gain the freedom to hurl our bodies across the globe at 600+ m.p.h.  You can’t drive to Cancun after all.  This is the only practical way to go any distance reasonably far from home.

In case you missed it.  The simile here is that we really do submit ourselves to triathlon and relinquish some control all in exchange for the ultimate control – ourselves.


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