To understand and pursue my life, in all facets, consistent with my personal values

Posted: August 27, 2010 in It's All Important Stuff

Peace, Love and Happiness!

Still thinking about my personal mission….  Nothing comes closer to describing what this means to me than this photo.  I wish to you, me and the world that we all have “peace, love and happiness.”

Our young people behave as if they are incredibly entitled.  Honestly, I can barely have a conversation with most people who are 18-25.  Many behave as if they are incredibly entitled to everything they want.

However, I will argue that everyone – old, fast, slow, young, brave or frail – is entitled to peace, love and happiness.

I wish for you, and me, and even the spoiled and entitled youth, that we all experience peace, love and happiness.

You are entitled to this.

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