Life Is Like A Bicycle

Posted: August 30, 2010 in Bike Stories, It's All Important Stuff

Life is like a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving – Albert Einstein

Motivation to act and keep the arms and legs moving comes from a wide variety of sources.  I am truly blessed with great friends who constantly challenge me with their heroic, yet somehow, ordinary efforts.

My very good friend Wes Sisk just rocked the Louisville Ironman.  He had already completed a 140.6 race, but had to tackle an M dot.  Wes and I  have been discussing my next Ironman adventure.  Rather, Wes is nudging me toward commitment.

To achieve great things, like a Ironman, you need balance – the balance that comes when you are moving forward.

I am moving slowly forward, barely fast enough to maintain my balance, but am picking up speed.  Another Ironman is likely in my future, but when I do it again I want to have my work, personal and training life in balance.

I want to be like Wes.  I want to be heroically ordinary.

  1. Come on Todd – plan on Ironman Florida next year. I’m going to do it for my first 140.6

    come on down to panama city beach.

  2. Rebecca Sisk says:

    Todd, thank you for such a lovely tribute to Wes. As his Iron Wife, as I’ve affectionately begun to refer to myself, I can truly appreciate the balance Wes has struck in all aspects of his life. From my father passing away from cancer in June to out of town vacations and visits with family to a sometimes demanding and expectant wife, Wes has had to juggle many balls this year, nevermind working full-time and training for Louisville. He has done so magnificently, and has this personal Ironman accomplishment and a very happy Iron Wife to show for it!

    Thank you again for recognizing his awesome accomplishment.


  3. Willy Stewart says:


    Thanks for the Life is Like Bike story. As a huge fan of Einstein, it is so true that you have to move forward to stay balanced in life keeping in mind family, work and self. Like my mom use to say “moving forward always, back? not even for a running start!”
    Take care my friend.

  4. Martha says:

    So you, Wes, my dear friends Tina and Sarah have finally worn off on me and me and my boy Mark are going to do a 70.3 next year. Training starts next week (of course we have an Olympic tri on the 11th to complete this year’s tri-fecta – Olympic, Sprint, Olympic) and then…..bring it ! welcome your insights, training and FUN – maybe we can do a “practice” race in NC !

    Your Canadian tri friend and colleague !

    • Todd Spain says:

      Bring your bad self on out her to North Carolina and we will show you how racin’ is done here in the south.

      You can absolutely do a half and have a great time along the way.

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