Au Revoir Professeur Fignon

Posted: August 31, 2010 in Bike Stories

Today is a very sad day for cycling as Laurent Fignon lost his long battle with cancer.

He was known as the Professor, due to both his spectacles and his bookish demeanor.  Laurent was a tough tough guy.  At the same time, he really enjoyed the finer things in life and had his own sense of style and grace that is uncommon in superstar athletes around the world.

I followed his travels and tribulations closely in the early 80’s whilst he was winning his two Tour de France Titles.  Perhaps the demon of losing to LeMond in 1989 by a mere 8 seconds has died with him.

In the 80’s I was a serious, yet mediocre, bike racer.  However, I did have the style part down and Fignon showed us how.  I had to have the Cinelli 1R Stem, and Campione del Mondo bars and yellow cable housing just like his.  I even had these very Mavic wheels.

Actually, I still have all of this stuff and I always will, because I am still trying to be like Laurent Fignon.  Today, the world is missing a graceful, talented, hard-working, fine example of a human.

Au Revoir Professor.


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