A Trip To Beamanland

Posted: September 5, 2010 in Bike Stories, It's All Important Stuff

Mike and Jane have hosted many epic weekends at Beamanland.  Personally, I may prefer the more tranquil days as they are a bit more special.

Just about everyone reading this will know Mike and will likely recall a few crazy stories.

Mike has over-served me, knocked my eye out of the socket when flung from the tube, totally kicked my ass on the bike, overfed me and talked me in to all kinds of crazy adventures.  Each and every single time, he was smiling and made me smile, too.

For most of us, Mike is THE EXPERT.  He has excelled at dozens of events for decades and still gets it done and he is more than willing to take time to chat and sort out any number of thoughts from the silly to the extraordinary.

Because of this he gave me the greatest compliment I may have ever had on Saturday.  He told me that I was one of the funnest people he has ever ridden with because I am amazingly smooth and steady.  This came following a 50+ mile ride in a near hurricane.  Not exactly ideal conditions in which to be smooth and steady.

Thanks Mike!  Thanks for being such a great host, cycling advocate, expert, morale officer and friend.  I appreciate our friendship a great deal. I love you man.

  1. margo says:

    Everyone loves Beaman and Beamanland!

  2. Brian Washburn says:

    I have been underground at Beamanland. It can be a fun and very scary place!!! Memories that last a life time and some memories you just can’t recall!

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