I Blame Tony Adams

Posted: September 7, 2010 in It's All Important Stuff

We all know seriously talented athletes, and there are only a very limited few,  for whom a sub-nine hour Ironman is a breeze. These are the guys for whom it all comes so easily.  I hate those guys.

Tony Adams has talent, but his impressive resume comes from extremely hard work and dedication.  He is the example of what relatively ordinary people can accomplish by working their asses off and grinding it out.  Tony flat outworks everyone else.

That being said, being his friend requires a bit of a caveat.

Many years ago, Tony was a new cyclist and I was a good cyclist.  I used to be better than him.  When he started triathlon, I actually made fun of him.  I would say, “if you can’t be great at a single sport, be good at three.”  The day came when we rode and he was getting as good as me, but was also running and swimming fast.  I was still unimpressed.

Then the guys goes off and races an Ironman and comes back to our coffee shop and tells me the story about the race.  I was incredibly intrigued.  Ironman is freakin’ hard.  He made it sound so approachable, yet so damn impossible at the same time.  Which of course it is.

At that point, he started working on me.  Teeing up impossibly difficult decisions.  One day we were recounting the story of how I used to be faster and with very steeled eyes he looked at me and said, “you don’t want to try to take me on now.”  It wasn’t arrogant.  It was a fact.  He had also gotten fast on the bike.

I had fallen behind.  He was way ahead of me.  So, I had no choice, I started racing triathlon.  I have been at this for several years now, but I realize that I will never catch Tony.  He has qualified for Kona and represented himself and all of us very well.  He has paid me the ultimate honor.  He has been my friend and allowed me to be his.  He has also joined my triathlon team.  My goal was to make IOSDT so attractive that we would one day attract Tony and he would race in our jersey.  He has done so.  My pleasure from seeing this is overwhelming.

He is my dear friend, but I blame Tony Adams for getting me in way over my head on a daily basis.  It ain’t easy being Tony’s friend.

  1. MIke says:

    Dejavu…..Your comments are so true but you forgot a very important part of Tony. He is a freakin ARMY RANGER! I’m sure he made as good a soldier as athlete. That’s what them boys are made of….ass whoopin tough!

    • Suzy says:

      He WAS an Army Ranger, now he is just a crazy ass triathlete with a goal. By the way Todd, I used to be faster than him too, especially up hills. Don’t feel bad. He is one powerful moutain bike wrecking machine.

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