Show Pride In What You Do

Posted: September 17, 2010 in It's All Important Stuff

Earlier this week I was on a DELTA flight to Detroit in one of the small 20-seater planes.  Somehow I managed to draw seat 1C, which is the perfect vantage point to watch the flight attendant in the galley.  On this occasion, she was a young, and larger than Barbie, African American woman.

From the moment I walked on, it was clear that this young lady was respectful, pleasant and completely in charge of her plane.  She managed traffic on board, patiently reloaded carry-on luggage, and exchanged direct eye contact with passengers.

As we were preparing for take off, she took a moment to herself, reviewed her internal checklists, readjusted her uniform back to perfection and buckled herself into her jump seat – all in a very crisp and purposeful manner.

This young lady exudes pride in what she does.  And, it shows, in every aspect.  As I watched, I was so proud of her and for her.  I asked myself if I would trust her in the most dire emergency … I would.

Upon returning, I had occasion to run into Sheri Spivey.  Sheri and Shannon Carlson just completed Ironman Wisconsin this past weekend.

Sheri was smiling broadly, as always, and taking care of business.  In the same manner as the flight attendant, she so clearly represents herself in a prideful way.  Her stories were modest – yet she told them standing tall and composed.  She proclaimed that, “this will be the last one!”  Which I feel in my heart is not true – she probably will race another Ironman some day.  However, if she doesn’t, she has this, and her many other accomplishments, in the bank for the rest of her life.

Daren Marceau once told that racing Ironman is the most humbling experience he has ever had.  This sounded absurd until I experienced it myself.  It is humbling because the value comes from and is felt so distinctly within.  Sheri Spivey and most, but not all, triathletes I know, emote this feeling with their actions, not their words.

I am so very proud of Sheri.  She worked very hard for and had a great Ironman Wisconsin.  She deserves those feelings inside and represents them outwardly so incredibly well.

Congratulations Ms. Spivey!

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