Coach Said Do 50

Posted: September 20, 2010 in Bike Stories

The usual Sunday ride heads out at 9 am and does a nice figure eight around Big Woods and back home.  We have been doing this loop for several months and call it 50ish miles.

This Sunday had the same route, but with a perfect cast of characters.  We had even numbers and a lot of folks who were interested it really burning some fat.  Translation – they wanted to go slow.  This really works for me, as I am in serious need of some fat burning time on the bike.

After all the caveats about pace and distance and such, Lisa W. set off with us for her first 50 miler.  Lisa has really become a cyclist in a short period of time.  She just has that look on the bike like she is going to be great some day.  She also had the coolest matching kit I have ever seen.  We are talking about seriously matching pink and light purple.

Of course, we had to go fast for a bit on Big Woods and then again on 64.  The near death experience will be told tomorrow.  Most of us are either new or were seriously depleted from day after day of training.  So, the last few miles were very slow.  We were all equally trashed.

Pulling back into the shop, of course the OCD mileage managers were looking at their computers.  they saw and called out 47.8 miles…not 50.  Is this a tragedy? Well, apparently to Lisa it was.  Her coach – that would be Stacey Richardson – had scheduled 50 for her this day.

She had to ride the extra 2.2 miles.  Sadly, everyone in the group felt compelled to go with her.  We rode up the steep hill then back down again, and still had to do an extra loop before chucking the bikes at the cars.  All of us discussed how silly it was, yet we all did it.

Funnier still is that three guys got separated from us and finished early.  When we returned we discovered that at least one had ridden loops in the parking lot until he also hit 50 miles.

This is a compulsion.  Is there really a training difference between 47.8 and 50?  I doubt it.  But, it matters.  It matters because the coach said do 50.

  1. Mr. Lisa W. says:

    I just want it to be known that I picked out all of Lisa’s kit. As a former rider, I know the importance of matching!

    • stacey says:

      word, bird! and I LOVE ATHLETES WHO DO WHAT I WANT.

      compulsive is what the lazy call those of us who are motivated… or something like that.

      lisa W, one to watch, baby!

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