I Will Never Win, But I Am A Winner

Posted: October 11, 2010 in It's All Important Stuff

In the triathlon community, at least among the cool kids, I am fairly visible.  Many people whose name I don’t know, know who I am.  This is great and terrible at the same time.

I won’t lie, I totally enjoy the notoriety.  At the same time, this blessing is a curse.  Many people confuse my passion for the sport of triathlon and the pursuit of mind over body with the assumption that I must be good at it.  I am not.

I am a middle-of-the-packer and this is quite difficult for me to accept.

This weekend, for example, each of our IOSDT teammates won races and/or won their age group.  I could not be more thrilled by this.  I share in the victory as a marginal contributor, but I did not and could not win myself.  To be honest, this is difficult to accept.

Please do not feel guilty for winning or competing at the highest level.  You have been blessed with amazing skills and you have worked very hard to be successful.

I am a good dad, a good provider, a good friend, good at keeping the Bank of America Network working all around the globe, good at promoting healthy lifestyles, good at providing value to my sponsors, and I like to think that I am good at running the IOSDT triathlon team.

However, I won’t lie, there are days when I would trade it all to kick all of your asses.  I am just sayin’….

Please don’t hold me to a higher triathlon standard than I am capable.  At the same time, I hope that you will always challenge me to be a better person, friend and confidante.




  1. carol says:

    Todd, it’s not that you are not capable of winning your age group. You are. Athleticism is a state of being that anyone can achieve given time, training, and belief in oneself. Time is the hardest one…I know your job is demanding. Maybe you can retire early someday and then shoot for the stars.

    You are doing a great job making newcomers to the sport feel welcome. For that you surely are a winner, keep it up!

  2. at least you are at the middle of the pack. I was finishing around 50% overall and in my age group late last year/early this year. but once this year’s heat came and I finalized my move to Raleigh I went stratight to the back of the pack again.

    I still get recognized at races sometimes, and people expect me to do well when I barely expect to finish. but it’s the reputation of being able to motivate and inspire others that really makes us stand out.

    the truth is that I too am fat, old, slow and out of shape now. It’s time for some weight loss and the resulting speed. I really want to deserve a spot in the IOSDT and get involved there. Rock on.

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