This Is A Test

Posted: October 22, 2010 in It's All Important Stuff

If you looked at this and the first thing you saw was a seriously cool new mountain bike…well, welcome to my world.  I wish I could explain it, but, yeah, I saw the bike before the babe.

Perhaps it is time to adjust the rear view mirror on my helmet or peel away the reflector tape.  I don’t know when this shift happened and I don’t really even care so much.  I love cool new toys and am not afraid to admit it.

On the life journey this may be a natural progression.  Cool toys had to be a very important aspect of cave man survival.  Clearly a new bike is just as important as the ability to conjure fire at will, stave off wild animal attacks and keep warm on cool nights.  Let’s go with this.  It works for me.

  1. ThunderBolt says:

    I don’t get it, what babe? A ghost, I suppose.

  2. ThunderBolt says:

    What babe, sure that’s not Beaman with a wig?

  3. Steffen says:

    The chick is German not Czech!! And yes Todd I am starting to get concerned about your health 🙂

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