My Shoes Are Cooked

Posted: October 26, 2010 in It's All Important Stuff

Jim Bertrand, perhaps best known as the Hammer Rep., completely hooked me up with a pair of handmade Bont cycling shoes. They are the a-two model with moldable carbon fiber soles.

I point this out for three reasons: 1) I am very grateful to Jim,  2) it is important that everyone know that I will probably say nice things about your stuff if it is free, & 3) clearly I am important and influential or people like Jim would have no reason to slide schwag my way.

These Bont shoes have seriously high cool factor.  They look like nothing else I have ever seen and have very distinct European styling.  Perhaps coolest of all is that the big Dane and World Road Champion, Thor Hushovd, has been wearing these for some time.  And, they sell them at Inside-Out Sports.

What is most intriguing to me is that the carbon soles can be molded and remolded any number of times.  So, today I did just that and heated up the shoes in the oven and went through the fit/adjustment process.  So far, I seriously dig how they feel.

I plan to give these babies a few rides on my bike and will write a serious review for DELTA Triathlon.


  1. Dan LaFiette says:

    Wow, your stove is really clean.

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