Where’s My Hat?

Posted: October 30, 2010 in It's All Important Stuff

A couple of seasons ago, I had a S W E E T deal with Under Armour.  As part of this sponsorship, every week was Christmas when the UPS man delivered some seriously new schwag.

My youngest son, mystified by why any sensible major corporation would sponsor me, wanted my Under Armour beanie and would not let it go.  He pestered me to give it to him for weeks.

He had spent the usual kid summer time at the pool.  There was no real swimming involved.  Determined to entice him to triathlon, I would occasionally challenge him to a swim race with a huge head start.  Over the course of the entire summer he never swam more than 25 yards without stopping and always with his head out of the water.

The fall chill was in full force and I worked him over to get him to go to the Triangle Aquatic Center with me for a swim workout.  He wouldn’t budge.  Then it struck me: I bribed him with the beanie.  If he could swim 200 meters non-stop, I would give it to him.  Refreshing memory here…  He never swam more than 25 yards and never put his face in the water when he did.  He took the bet and off to the pool we went.

Once on deck we ran into Brian and Susan Washburn and we told them about the bet.  Brian pulls Jeremy aside and they have a private chat.  I have no idea what was said, but Brian was pointing and with some animation was describing the secret to winning the bet.

I was secretly hoping that Jeremy would learn some respect for swimming and triathlon once he figured out how difficult it could be.  Jeremy puts on goggles (for the first time in his life) and hops in.  Once again I confirm, “there and back four times for 200 meters.”

The kid takes off with a perfect stroke which includes bilateral breathing.  He touches the far wall and returns.  Already he has doubled his furthest swim distance.  He keeps it going – bang, bang bang.  He pounds out 200 meters without stopping, hops out of the pool, walks straight to me and says, “where’s my hat?”

I couldn’t believe it.  What the hell did Brian say to him?  I stared at Brian as I handed over my favorite beanie.

  1. that’s fantastic! the kid was actually paying attention.

  2. Erin says:

    Um, maybe this Brian guy needs to have a chat with me!

  3. Phil Bost says:

    Great story. Really enjoying your blog Todd.

  4. Brian Washburn says:

    I never knew you posted this story! I am sure he told you the secret by now. 🙂

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