Thermajock: The Strangest Product Ever

Posted: November 5, 2010 in It's All Important Stuff

OK, this is probably the strangest product ever.  I was fairly certain that this was a joke, but I called the customer service line.  This is real.  Check out Thermajock.

Yeah, ladies, occasionally the guys get cold.  The spandex, arm warmers, vests, leg warmers and such leave certain parts dangerously exposed with one layer of thin spandex.   I can actually see how this product came about.

We don’t get a lot of dangerously cold weather here in North Carolina.  But, every so often, there’s those days of 15°F temps the triangle is chilly enough to freeze the guys. Wouldn’t it be nice to have something that kept the little man downstairs ultra-warm and cozy in the cold, but was easily removable as the temps increased. Ergo…Thermajock.

The ThermaJock is like a fleece stuff-sac for your male hardware and has two fastening straps than allow adjustment to fit any athlete. It’s double strap fastening system allows for maximum comfort and retention, without having to over-tighten either strap which could restrict blood flow and sensation.

These devices are one size fits all.  And, yeah, this next image is from the Thermajock website.


Guys, if you are running or riding in the cold this may be a great answer for you.  Ladies, this may be a product to help your man avoid a very embarrassing situation in cold weather.



  1. This has made my day, and possibly the whole weekend. Good find! hahahahaha, love it.

  2. carol says:

    I’m not a guy so really cannot relate here. But…that little plastic drawstring closure thing – wouldn’t that cause major chaffing someplace?

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