Pondifference and Consternaculation

Posted: November 17, 2010 in It's All Important Stuff

Yeah, I have been talking about my personal plan and goals and such a long time that even I am sick of hearing about it.  However, there is something very effective about working diligently on these and, more importantly, committing to them in public – such as with this blog.

After much pondifference and consternaculation, I am now prepared to share my 2011 personal fitness goals.  Here we go:

I Wanna Go Fast – For the past three years, I have focused quite a bit on long triathlon and running races at the expense of speed.  Repeated injuries have also kept me from training hard for blocks of time.  Being slow on the bike is especially not acceptable to me.  I want to run a PR half marathon and a PR a sprint or olympic distance triathlon. I want to ride with the A group on Thursday night.  I also want to race the 56 mile bike on a half-ironman in 2:33 or less.

I Am Tired Of Being Pudgy – Age, lack of discipline, stress and other forces have combined (perhaps ganged up on me) such that I am 18 pounds over my ideal race weight of 188 pounds.  I hereby contend that I will lose this and return to fabulous from flabulous by the end of summer.

I do have a plan as to how to execute on the above and will put that down here in the next day or so.

Have you thought about and written down your 2011 goals?  Got a plan how to get there?  Care to share either?


  1. scottie says:

    I kind of goaled myself the other day too…I feel like since I have nothing to work towards right now..it’s ok to be lazy, no? I gotta shake this fat though… I think I’ll be penciling in some winter run races to put some gusto in my step…

  2. Suzy says:

    Good for you, Todd, for committing to your goals in writing!

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  4. Jim says:

    I am debating if I want to race this year. I hear the Master’s races are super fast (mainly Cat 1s and 2s who got old but not slow) and the Cat 5s tend to be crash-fests. Neither sound like fun. So I am still mulling my 2011 goals.

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