A Lack Of Visual Turbulance

Posted: December 9, 2010 in It's All Important Stuff

During a recent lunch with Lisa Lambeth, we were having many discussions at once, and she inadvertently helped me tie them all together with the notion of “Visual Turbulance.”

Have you ever walked into a house and instantly felt uncomfortable or claustrophobic?  Where every flat surface & wall is covered with a hodge podge of chaos.  Color is absent and simultaneously screaming at you.

This is Visual Turbulance.

Expanding on this, you also know people, maybe lots of people, with similar turbulance in their lives.  Chaos abounds.  Relationships are fractured and non-productive.  Life is a series of actions with no purpose.  Randomness rules.  Perhaps this is you.

For the past several months, I have been attempting to create a balanced, calm and productive living space.  I discovered that this has been true in my life for the past several years. This has always been a brute force effort – requiring much diligence and energy.

At lunch last week, I realized that I am seeking a lack of Visual Turbulance.  Entering my home, relationships, and work I want to be calm, safe and open.

Now if I can just find the perfect couch!

  1. ET says:

    …the pursuit of happiness.

  2. Tony says:

    Hey I think some people have known about his concept for a long time….

    Feng Shui, pronounced as Fung Shway, is an ancient knowledge (about 3000-5000 years old) with its origin in ancient China. It is the practice of bringing peace and harmony to your life by rearranging elements and objects in your home, office, kitchen, bath, etc. It is still continuing to be practiced even today in modern times.

  3. Lisa Lambeth says:

    Nicely put!

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