Heal Yesterday, Live Today and Manifest Tomorrow

Posted: January 21, 2011 in It's All Important Stuff

It seems that all of my Jack Handy-like moments come during stimulating lunch conversation.  This week, a friend left me with a fabulous thought and ritual, which, I hope, will change my life.

Heal Yesterday, Live Today and Manifest Tomorrow.

To do this means that you start every day fresh, having let go of any negative stressors, like anger or resentment, left over from the previous day.

All of us have a tendency to carry this baggage forward.  Rationally, I know that this is such an unnecessary burden, yet each day I pack it back up and huck it back on top.

Everyone has “something” that they carry around, like piles of bricks.  My mom didn’t nurture me enough, my boss sucks, someone was mean to me in 1984; whatever, at some point we have to let these things go and move on.

Another wise friend recently reminded me that it is given everyone has some issue, but there has to be a time limit for it to negatively impact your life.  Regardless of fault or scale, at some point it must be addressed or let go.

Hence, the ritual.  I plan to literally write down all of those things which have eaten at me for week or years, read them out loud, forgive any transgressors, purposeful or not, burn the piece of paper, take a very deep breath, and let these things go forever.  Then I can forgive myself for my own mistakes and poor decisions and Heal Yesterday.

The next day I plan to see the trees as I walk and become what I want to be.

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  3. Beautifully written. Amazing how I found your blog, too. I did an AVG (yeah, ol’ school) search for “heal” and looked through the images associated with the term. Your photo, of fingers “healing” spoke to me. I suffer from dyshidrotic eczema: a debilitating ailment that causes you to lose use of your hands due to uncontrollable itching triggered by stress.

    A great message you have here, friend. I hope you don’t mind if I use the image from your blog and link the message you’ve written here, which I actually agree is the cure for DE: Let it go…all of the stress, all of the past tensions that are pulling your heart strings tight… be free.


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