Leave Your Underwear At Home

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Bike Stories

How many times have you wanted to point out to a fellow cyclist that wearing underwear under cycling shorts is just not done?

It doesn’t matter if you are wearing granny pants or something very small, it is easy to tell they are there.  Yes, that’s right, everyone behind you can tell that you have them on and will immediately assign you to the rookie category which will be very difficult to overcome.

Cycling shorts – those with a built in ‘chamois’ – are built to be worn commando. Period. Stretchy shorts without a chamois are not cycling shorts – these are horrible and pointless for riding.

The big issue for me is exactly how do I bring it up to someone who has yet to catch on?  Most often the rider is female and my typical strategy is to speak to an experienced and tactful female cyclist and ask her to quietly break the news to the uninformed.

When I have to give the speech I usually begin with comfort and explain that cycling shorts are built without seams in the wrong places which would cause chafing.  Also, chamois material is smooth and slick, which both reduces friction, hence more comfort and fewer ‘issues’, and is designed to ward away germ warfare.  The rule of thumb is to wash cycling shorts after EACH ride.

Please, for your own sake, leave your underwear at home.

  1. ThunderBolt says:

    Looks like Beaman’s

  2. The center seams in my shorts always seem to play divide and conquor with my sack. So I still wear briefs underneath. Even 3 years later they still just aren’t comfortable going commando.

  3. SuperDave says:

    If you suffer from camel toe your bibs/shorts are not big enough, buy larger ones!

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