Brooks In: Newton’s Out

Posted: February 28, 2011 in It's All Important Stuff

I tried valiantly to love my Newton Momentum running shoes. (Product Review Here) Here is the deal, the Newton’s are built with a very low heal relative to the ball of the foot.   Even with 90 days of slowly ramping up distance, my Achilles and calves hurt for two days after each run.  This is due to the extra extension which is part of the shoe design.

In addition, the protruding lug design on the forefoot of the Newton’s seems to continuously irritate the nerve between my big toe and second toe near the metatarsal.  Again, by design, Newton’s position your impact toward your forefoot.  This combination puts a great deal of pressure in exactly the wrong place on my foot.

This pains me greatly because the Newton Momentum’s look very cool and they feel FAST.

However, there is good news.  I tried out a pair of Brooks Green Silence on the treadmill today.  The heel is not as low as thew Newton’s yet more aggressive than standard training shoes.  They are also light and very flexible in the forefoot, and relatively stable in the heel.  After a short interval workout my foot is definitely not worse and my Achilles and calves feel much better than they have.

I will write a proper review for DELTA Triathlon after a few more runs.  Anyone else have experience with either of these shoes that they care to share?


  1. Suzy Pantlin says:

    Todd- for my athletes who have Achilles issues either before, or born out of using Newtons i do suggest a miminalist shoe such as the one you have blogged. There are quite a few on the market and as always it is best to pick the one that feel most like a glove on your feet. I love my Newtons.

  2. Jeffrey says:

    Todd – that is too funny – I, too, just embraced the Green Silence! I didn’t have the problems that you were having with your Newton’s and I still rotate them in and out, but I find myself wearing the Brooks more and more. It is a great shoe, no doubt and so far it is holding up better to the mileage so much better than my Newtons. I don’t think I will have to replace them near as often. I have been running inside mostly this winter, but I am super excited to go for another 10K PR on the 19th at the St. Patrick’s Day Road Race in Holyoke, MA. Hope you enjoy them – I’ll be following you now.

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