Because I Am A ‘Tard

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Bike Stories, It's All Important Stuff

Training with Todd occasionally requires significant patience,  because I am a ‘tard.

This week Julie Haight, who was clearly desperate for a riding partner, convinced me to skip out of work a bit early in exchange for a couple of fabulous hours out on the road.  This turned out to be the perfect Carolina blue day with a slight breeze, sunshine and 72 degree temps.

I show up early and find Julie already getting ready to go.  The bike is retrieved from the back of my Jeep, tires are pumped up, water bottles in.  Check, check, check…

…CRAP, I forgot my cycling shoes and my helmet – I left them in my car at home.  I get the Jersey Girl look as I speed off to retrieve them.

Twenty minutes past the agreed start time, we head off.  Thankfully, my faux pas is laughed about.  The ride was perfect.  It was one of those days where the other person pushed you just a bit when you were tired and vice versa.  2.5 hours pass very quickly and we just make it back as the sun is setting.

I pull up next to the Jeep.  HOLY CRAP, I have the key to my car in my jersey pocket.  I locked my keys in the Jeep.  Julie, can you give me a ride home to retrieve my spare key?  <imagine a somewhat laughing Jersey Girl look here>  Ugh no that won’t work, my apartment key is in the Jeep.  I ring my son to come over and unlock the Jeep.  He needs an hour.

How about a quick Mexican dinner while we wait for the unpaid locksmith? I realize that I don’t have any shoes as we walk in.  We meet Coach and Mrs. Daren and, of course, recap the entire series of doofy moves with a Margarita.  Oh by the way, I also left my wallet in the Jeep – can you pay?

  1. Melonie says:

    ~*~*~ LMAO! That’s my kind of day!! ~*~*~

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