Chainring Vs Leg: More Proof Todd Is A Tard

Posted: March 6, 2011 in Bike Stories

The Capital Cycling Club ALWAYS puts on great rides.  The 2011 Ride For The Rock was also a great deal of fun … mostly.

This year the 100K began with a fairly quick pace.  The large pack began disintegrating about mile 3.   The IOSDT Happy Hour was the night before, and I was not feeling super good.  Inside I was screaming “please slow down just a bit.”

We roll up to the first sag stop in New Hill.  Where out front I am met by my very good buddy Dileep Dadlani.  I knew that Dileep was part of the organization, but it was super of him to give up riding in favor of taking care of the riders.

Dileep and his huge grin greets me as I roll to a stop.  My right foot barely makes it to the ground before we shake hands.

Here comes the ‘tard part…

Attempting to move out of the way, I press down on the left pedal and my front wheel rolls about 4 inches into a gravel filled pothole and turns sideways.  I damn near buy it, but quickly yank my left foot out of the pedal and smack the ground.  During this ballet maneuver my right calf snags the chain ring.

Not thinking too much of it I grab some food, say goodbye and roll off down old highway 1.

Several people commented about the blood gushing out, but I bucked up and rode the 2+ hours more to finish the ride.  It is remarkably difficult to see the back of your leg so I thought it was just scraped and bought some simple supplies at Rite Aid before heading home.

The advice from fellow riders to go to the hospital started to make a lot more sense when I took a shower.  It was starting to hurt and bleed like crazy.

I was a bit surprised when the doctor told me that he put in 13 stitches.  My lucky number.




  1. Dude that’s nuts! Pay more attention next time.

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