Coffee, Wine, Cheese & Bike Snob: Part I Starbucks

Posted: March 14, 2011 in It's All Important Stuff

Part I: Starbucks

The only reason I want an iPhone is to have the Starbucks locator so that I can easily find my fix when I travel.

A Grande Latte now costs about $3.70.  I have at least one every day.  That would be $111 / month and over $1,300 per year.  This is a serious habit which I have no interest whatever in breaking.

No, I will not drink McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts or any other coffee slinger.  I like Starbucks Lattes.  This company has coffee dialed and are incredibly consistent at delivering what I crave.

In return for my investment, I enjoy a sense of community wherever I travel and most certainly as I regularly visit one of my seven local establishments.  Somehow Starbucks has managed to maintain a vibe at thousands of locations around the world.  In the busier parts of Beijing you can look down the street and see 4 or 5 Starbucks signs in every direction.  Walk in to any one and you will be instantly transported back home.  Smell is a powerful emotional trigger

The best match of all is Sbux and bike riding.  Bike riders, as a group, are very civilized and the pre and post-ride social aspect of cycling is perhaps as much fun and interesting as the miles themselves.  Nothing tees up a cool morning ride better than a great coffee.

There is no shame.  I am a coffee snob.


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