The Shit Box

Posted: March 25, 2011 in It's All Important Stuff

The IOSDT Triathlon Team serves as a fabulous outlet for Todd.  This has been lovingly nurtured into, what I hope is, a supportive environment and a great deal of fun for a lot of athletes.

Most friends know that Cool Factor is very important to me, especially with the team.  We have seriously cool team kits, a tent, website and NOW a new team trailer.  And, I love being king of the cool kids club.  This is the most selfish thing that I could ever do.

Getting the trailer ready has been a boat load of work for a lot of people.  Mike Wells of Wells Design Build and Bryan Rierson of Rierson Photography combined forces to create a very interesting and catchy graphics wrap.  The most photogenic triathletes, ever, complete the story.  Many thanks to Erin Cutrell, Erin McKee, John Mitchell, Margo Pitts and Edde Burgess for the indelible use of your images.  Cid, Jr. and I really appreciate how the photos tell the story of the team.

Mike Wells told me that this baby really turned heads as he brought it over to me. So today, wanting to show off our latest leap in cool factor, I drive it to a restaurant to show Margo Pitts and Mike Beaman.  Pulling through the parking lot I see a heavy-set lady in a brown Mercedes coming toward me.  I was being kind – she was fat.

As she approaches she honks her horn as she looks right at me.  She slowly slides by as I roll down my window.  With the most sincere sense of entitlement, she says, “get that Shit Box out of my way!”

In a quarter of a second I was completely deflated, but recovered a bit just in time to make some suggestions of my own.  Hours of work and my picture of coolness were so seriously challenged with just one comment.

Then I realized that, yeah, this baby is cool – seriously cool and some people just can’t handle that.  More importantly, single-handed she named our new team trailer.  It forever shall be known as “The Shit Box.”

  1. Brian Washburn says:

    Your articles are great well done!

  2. Marty Gaal says:

    That’s fantastic.

  3. Erin Cutrell says:

    what a day!!

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