The Shit Box Debut: That’s Racin’

Posted: March 27, 2011 in It's All Important Stuff

It was such a good plan.  Suzanne Lever, Julie Haight, Aneis Andreoli and I met at IOS and planned to roll out for the FS Series Greenville Duathlon at 0600.  Once there we win our respective age groups and celebrate all the way home.  We are impervious to rain and cold.

We quickly loaded up the The Shit Box with our bikes and transition bags.  (Lawrence, we really need those bike racks buddy) And yeah, I probably should have dumped off the broken dryer before the weekend.

I overhead one of the passengers (whom shall remain nameless) snicker a bit at my 1996 Jeep with 198,000 miles.  “Yeah, this baby is rock solid,” I boldly stated.

As we roll out the doubt ramps a bit, “have you ever driven this thing?”  “Yes, I have pulled the trailer many times,” I reassured.  Soon, thereafter, “you have pulled this trailer with this Jeep before?”  Clearly this was the jinx.

I recognize that as the male and being the driver I was supposed to get the directions.  Well guess what – I can’t think of everything.  A mad scramble ensues as Julie brings up directions on her phone as does Suzanne with Rick being awoken early to assist.

It is still dark as we wrap around the beltline.  Aneis catches a whiff of smoke.  Suzanne and I didn’t smell anything in front.  Soon Julie smells it.  Why are they both so skeptical of my Jeep and are they going to be big babies the whole way?

About Wilson it is obvious that we have a giant issue.  Smoke is billowing out the back.

“OK, guys we have to stop and check this out!”  With the the little light inside the hood, we can see that oil is pouring out the side of the engine near the oil filter and the dipstick.  The girls run to the convenience store and buy four quarts.  On the bright side the report is, “they have the cleanest bathrooms – ever!”

Oil is all over The Shit Box.  Even Margo improved her tan on the back door.  I can’t ruin the new trailer.  Will oil stain the new graphics??

Despite our two navigators and the fact that I have driven to G-Vegas about 40 times, we miss the turn to 264 and veer Northeast on 64.  Ok, this is the final straw.  We are 30 minutes from the race site and it is now 1:20 before the start time.  Oil is staining the trailer and who knows when the engine will finally explode.  The decision is made.  We are heading back home.

We leave the The Shit Box, covered in oil, with Mike Wells.  He takes it off for a much needed bath.  The ladies and I head back to IOS.  Breakfast?  Yeah, we are all hungry and laugh off the crazy day at Brigg’s over a giant mound of food. Thanks for buying Suzanne.

Suzanne heads home, while Aneis and Julie help me wash the Jeep.  After we drop the trailer, it is no longer leaking.  This may be a clue for troubleshooting the issue.

Mike brings back the trailer looking good as new.  Then Julie, Mike and I head off for a great 2.5 hour ride.  Six feet were frozen as was the smile on our faces.

What a crazy day!  What a great group to spend it with.

That’s racin’.

  1. Erin says:

    Aw, Todd! We made the same mistake with 64/264. After some very unladylike behavior, P and I made it just in time. Missed you, but glad y’all were still able to get in a ride and that everyone is safe and sound!

  2. tim devinney says:

    tough luck but at least it didnt catch fire like to one i saw on US 1 last week.

  3. Suzanne says:

    Todd, this trip has become the stuff of legends. Sarah M. flagged me down in the parking lot of Carolina Pottery to hear all the details. I felt like a celebrity.

  4. Julie Haight says:

    I may be driving myself to the next race… I” think on it, though!

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