Much To Learn From A Son

Posted: April 1, 2011 in It's All Important Stuff

Fifteen years ago, on his third birthday, Nathan received his first real drum kit.  He walked into the “music” room, attired in his red “footed jammies”, crawled up on the throne and began bashing away.  From day one it sounded like music.  He was soon a regular with his old man’s band.

With most kids you introduce them to many ideas and hope something sticks, while they quickly abandon one after another.  A few special kids take your ideas and blend it with their own creativity – sometimes with their tongue firmly lodged in their cheek while they think about it – and set their own direction.  Nathan has done this his entire life.

He wanted to play soccer at five.  He worked very hard at his sport for years, becoming one of the best goalkeepers in the area.  At 17 he reckoned that his likelihood for a scholarship to a college of his choice were much greater with academics.  So the kid quits soccer, scores in the top 1% on his SAT and will be graduating from high school near the top of his class.  Oh, and he will begin college as a sophomore, having tested out of 30 college credits.  This turned out to be an amazing and prescient decision.

At 12 Nathan wanted to learn to play guitar.  He quickly absorbed what I could show him.  But he has taken it so much further on his own.  The student is now the teacher.  It is a good thing that he thinks he can’t sing, because he does still need me a bit.  My absolute favorite evening is learning a new song with him or perfecting an old one.  Nathan truly gets music.  He feels it, learns from it and has developed his very own style.

Nathan’s entire life is so full of promise.  He is calculating the odds of his band making it big.  He knows it’s a long shot as he compares it to the best college choice for pursing his career in Exogenetics.  With this, he plans to help cure diseases like Multiple Sclerosis.  He wants to kick MS’s ass to honor his grandfather whom he never met.  If his grandfather were here …

This week he legally became a man.  However, he has comported himself as a man for a long time.  He has made his own decisions, and done a damn fine job with it.

If you get the chance you should check out The Garland Mason Band.  These guys are seriously talented.  You will see a handsome young man behind the drums.  I, however, will always see a three year old in red jammies.

  1. Todd Dyches says:

    I think you have achieved what all dad’s hope to, a composed well expressive in tuned human being. My list is just beginning but I hope my son achieves success in whatever arena he chooses to perform. A fine job of parenting and a fine job on your narrative of it.


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  3. […] Much To Learn From A Son […]

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