I Love Me, Too

Posted: April 7, 2011 in It's All Important Stuff

So many friends and acquaintances seem to be experiencing challenges in their relationships.  Some just aren’t as happy as they feel they should be or have ended a relationship and feel rudderless as to how to continue.  For some, that perfect person just does not exist, so it seems reasonable to settle.

This has made me ponder for many years – is focusing on endurance sport bad for relationships?

My conclusion is fairly simple, yet sort of complicated.  So, please bear with me.

I think that triathlon is a result of, not the cause of the issues.  So many people I know are paying more attention to their health and happiness.  Instinctively we know that we need to be in a different place and focusing on an event or training is something concrete against which we can take action.  This is absolutely great to do so.

Also, I firmly believe that you cannot love someone else unless you love yourself.  That which you are not willing to give yourself, you cannot unconditionally give to others.  For some, multisport training is a way of taking situational and emotional control.  This is a way for us to feel better about ourselves.

So I say, do it, train and race and be the best you can be, but give yourself and your relationships an emotional check up.  Do you love yourself?  Can you give unconditional love?

The tag line for my blog is “I Love Me, Too.”   Which speaks to my arrogance a bit, but it is also a daily reminder to myself and to you to give ourselves a break from time to time.


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