What Have I Done?

Posted: April 22, 2011 in It's All Important Stuff

I have to say that I am starting to feel good.  My bike speed and endurance have been improving and there are times when running is actually fun.  And, I have even dragged myself to the pool for several weeks straight.

But, oh my goodness, what have I done?  This burst of pseudo-fitness led to a decision to partner with Coach Alex McDonald, MD and Pro Triathlete of Fast Forward Triathlon

Alex is very good to work with.  He has taken time to understand my goals, my recent history of injury and recovery, and capabilities as an athlete (ok, more like limitations).  We have met and spoken several times this week and he is very detailed about my workouts and how I felt.  He quickly honed in on my weakest areas and we are focusing there as a priority.  (no laughing that was a serious statement – I do have some strength areas by comparison to my weak areas)

All that being said, Alex sets a high bar and is very focused on my achieving my goals.  Following my swim workout today, I literally had to recover for a bit by laying in the water and did not have the strength to pull myself out on the side of the pool.  I had to use the ladder. I hope he has not confused passion and desire with talent.

My goals are simple this year: I want to go faster in all three events.  Alex knows how to get me there and I will follow every word he writes for me.

I can only hope that my Geritol and Chocolate Milk make an effective recovery drink.

  1. Eric Bean says:

    Todd, great to have you on board! This is the beginning, it will be great to watch your progress…

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