My Golgotha Within

Posted: April 23, 2011 in It's All Important Stuff

Spirituality sometimes refers to the inner path, enabling a person to discover the essence of their being; offering meaning in this temporary balancing act called life.

Being spiritual yields a connectedness to others, community, nature, the vast cosmos or that which is divine.  This inspires us and gives meaning to the shadows on the cave wall in front of us.

Sacrifice and suffering, my Golgotha within, is more than necessary to reaching the podium or some personal record in sport.  It is requisite for spiritual growth.  Sacrifice often takes the form of the endless choices we must make as humans and the suffering which endlessly smacks us as the results of our choices – or worse – the regret of paths not taken.

Sarah Ban Breathnach in her book “Something More”, states that, Change comes through Crisis, Chance or Choice.  We Choose to pursue this lifestyle.  With luck, we’ll avoid Crisis and hopefully Chance will be kind to us.

Make your choices count.

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