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I haven’t believed Tyler Hamilton for a long time, but I believed his story from the 60 Minutes interview last Sunday.  I think the guy is finally giving it up.

Hamilton Interview Part One

Hamilton Interview Part Two

Can the world come to grips with the fact that Lance doped?  Personally, I am fairly certain that he did in 1999 and through at least 2002.  After that maybe not – as cycling finally began to clean itself up.

In 2011 Livestrong will provide more than $45 million dollars for cancer research and programs for patients.  Cancer has or will touch all of our lives – perhaps very close to home.  There are 12 million cancer survivors in the U.S.  The answer to the moral dilemma may come by polling them.

But, more than cheating to win, Lance may have lied to a Grand Jury, defaulted on a contract with the United States Government (I thought that the USPS was a quasi-governmental organization?) and duped all of the world into believing that his fairy tale was completely legit.

Let’s just say that he is found guilty of doping in 1999 and he is stripped of his Tour title from that year.  To whom are we going to give the victory?

This is the top 10 General Classification from the 1999 Tour de France

  1. Lance Armstrong – probable doper
  2. Alex Zulle – admitted doper in Festina Affair
  3. Fernando Escartin – admitted doper
  4. Laurent Dufaux – admitted to EPO
  5. Angel Casero  – busted in Operation Puerto
  6. Abraham Olano  – never admitted, but implicated with Michele Ferrari
  7. Daniele Nardello – never met his potential and never implicated, but was coached by Rudy Pevenage (Ullrich’s drug dealer)
  8. Richard Virenque – doper
  9. Wladimir Belli – not implicated but on the 1999 Festina team
  10. Andrea Peron – minor drug implications

….Hmmm.  We could go with Olano who is the highest placed rider not busted.  Or, maybe Nardello who had such incredible talent which never translated to victories – perhaps because he didn’t do drugs.

Is hauling Lance off to jail going to help anyone?  I doubt it.  It won’t prevent anyone from doing drugs to win.  But it may have a catastrophic impact on those millions more cancer patients and their families.  The truth is that I just don’t care if Lance did Edgar Allan Poe (EPO).  He was clearly the greatest amongst the dopers for a very long time.  His punishment may be living with the giant lie and the constant worry that it will spill out uncontrollably – as it did for Tyler.

My legs are at that critical stage today.  The hair has grown to the point where it looks silly and is especially itchy.  What is the projected injury timeline whereby cessation of shaving is logical and/or acceptable?

My appendix was taken out five days ago.  The surgeon explained the high risk of hernia if I resume training before at least two weeks.  Which means that real training won’t resume for another twelve days or so.

So, five days in and twelve to go. Maximum itchiness is today.  I am feeling very lazy.  If I let it go one more day, past the stupid looking itchy stage, I may be in for the duration.

What to do ??  What to do?  Are there any rules for this?  Cool factor is very important to me!

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I smiled,
I waited,
I was circumspect;
O never, never, never write that I
missed life or loving.

In the last two years I have experienced:

– Three surgeries; leg, wrist, and an appendectomy yesterday
– A broken thumb and two broken toes – yeah, I dinged a toe again last week
– Stitches in a thumb and calf
– The continued chaos that is Cisco
– Acceptance that Lance probably doped
– Moving from the Cleaver house to a beaver lodge
– A personal investment typhoon
Love American Style
– Much less time with my boys
– And, the loss of my mom

I have always believed that Chaos = Opportunity; this period of upheaval has had its opportunities.  In many ways this has been the happiest time of my life.  Life rages in me.

I know Todd much better.  I know what is important to me.  For the first time, in a long time, I have real goals.  Pursuing the Tri-life has renewed my faith in the value of hard work and dedication.  Coach Alex McDonald has helped me focus.  And, I have been able to develop many close and long-lasting friendships.

It may be Karma or luck, but somehow because of, or despite the upheaval, I am circumspect about happiness.

My theory is that humans are genetically wired to seek the approval and acceptance of others.  Perhaps this is such that we can remain in the tribe and be allowed in the shelter during a storm or to jointly stave off the sabre tooth tiger attack.  This distinctly human need has driven all sorts of actions and behaviors in me.  Many of which I have spoken to in previous blog posts.

A long time ago, I was new to Cisco and leading a large global IT Team.  Our mission was to design and build web-based systems to help our HR department interview, hire and onboard 400 new employees per week.  (I told you it was a long time ago)

Each day I worked with a young lady in California named “Kelly.”  She was very good at managing up and really thought of herself as being on the fast track.  This was my first gig at a large company and with thousands of stock options and the the price rising every day, I planned to check out a very wealthy man after just a few years. To me, every day was a celebration of my future wealth and I was really diggin’ my job. Except for Kelly.  She was a pain in the ass.

We had a great team and I got along very well with everyone except Kelly.  She was simply never happy with what I said, how I said it, or how I approached problems and openly argued every single point I tried to make.  I repeatedly flew to California to work with her in person.  We went to lunch and I tried being extra nice…  Nothing worked.

One day, in utter frustration, I approached her boss who was my peer and told him this story.  His answer was very simple and profound, “Todd, not everyone’s gonna like ya!”  Yeah, Bob, but I’ve tried this and this and this.  “Yeah, Todd, not everyone’s gonna like ya.”  “Some people aren’t gonna like ya because you are too happy, too kind, too fun, whatever.” “Let it go.”

This was very difficult to accept.  It still is.  I really want everyone to like me.  In fact, I hate thinking that someone may not.  Yet, since hearing this message from Bob, I am much better at living my life by my own values and valiantly trying to let the results be what they will.  The worst scenarios are those whereby it is impossible to make everyone happy.  Frankly, I still suck at letting this go, but am still valiantly trying and am still getting better.

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