Lance Did Edgar Allan Poe

Posted: May 24, 2011 in Bike Stories, It's All Important Stuff

I haven’t believed Tyler Hamilton for a long time, but I believed his story from the 60 Minutes interview last Sunday.  I think the guy is finally giving it up.

Hamilton Interview Part One

Hamilton Interview Part Two

Can the world come to grips with the fact that Lance doped?  Personally, I am fairly certain that he did in 1999 and through at least 2002.  After that maybe not – as cycling finally began to clean itself up.

In 2011 Livestrong will provide more than $45 million dollars for cancer research and programs for patients.  Cancer has or will touch all of our lives – perhaps very close to home.  There are 12 million cancer survivors in the U.S.  The answer to the moral dilemma may come by polling them.

But, more than cheating to win, Lance may have lied to a Grand Jury, defaulted on a contract with the United States Government (I thought that the USPS was a quasi-governmental organization?) and duped all of the world into believing that his fairy tale was completely legit.

Let’s just say that he is found guilty of doping in 1999 and he is stripped of his Tour title from that year.  To whom are we going to give the victory?

This is the top 10 General Classification from the 1999 Tour de France

  1. Lance Armstrong – probable doper
  2. Alex Zulle – admitted doper in Festina Affair
  3. Fernando Escartin – admitted doper
  4. Laurent Dufaux – admitted to EPO
  5. Angel Casero  – busted in Operation Puerto
  6. Abraham Olano  – never admitted, but implicated with Michele Ferrari
  7. Daniele Nardello – never met his potential and never implicated, but was coached by Rudy Pevenage (Ullrich’s drug dealer)
  8. Richard Virenque – doper
  9. Wladimir Belli – not implicated but on the 1999 Festina team
  10. Andrea Peron – minor drug implications

….Hmmm.  We could go with Olano who is the highest placed rider not busted.  Or, maybe Nardello who had such incredible talent which never translated to victories – perhaps because he didn’t do drugs.

Is hauling Lance off to jail going to help anyone?  I doubt it.  It won’t prevent anyone from doing drugs to win.  But it may have a catastrophic impact on those millions more cancer patients and their families.  The truth is that I just don’t care if Lance did Edgar Allan Poe (EPO).  He was clearly the greatest amongst the dopers for a very long time.  His punishment may be living with the giant lie and the constant worry that it will spill out uncontrollably – as it did for Tyler.

  1. Ross says:

    doping does not belong in sport. it changes everything and for some more than others. itbis not a level playing field. just because Lance did a lot of good for fighting cancer does not justify that he was a cheat and forced his teamates to cheat.

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