In Perspective: Distance Brings Clarity

Posted: September 14, 2011 in It's All Important Stuff


per·spec·tive noun /pərˈspektiv/

The art of drawing solid objects on a two-dimensional surface so as to give the right impression of their height, width, depth, and position in relation to each other when viewed from a particular point

a perspective

  • A picture drawn in such a way, esp. one appearing to enlarge or extend the actual space, or to give the effect of distance
  • The relation of two figures in the same plane, such that pairs of corresponding points lie on concurrent lines, and corresponding lines meet in collinear points
  • A particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view
  • True understanding of the relative importance of things; a sense of proportion
    • – we must keep a sense of perspective about what he’s done

The past two months have been amazing for gaining a proper perspective of and for my life.  Many friends have asked, “where have you been?”  The truth is, I have been on vacation from old habits, serious training, DELTA TriathlonIOSDT, and my blog.  But, I have been present – present in the moment.

It has been a very long time since I have slept in on Saturday, fully enjoyed the company of someone I love, and thought about someone besides myself.  I am much looking forward to Ray Lamontagne reminding us to Be Here Now with Elaine and my sons.

Looking at oneself is very cathartic; yet, impossible without a reflective view.  I highly recommend occasionally stepping back from all of the things which consume your time and attention and make sure this is where you really want to be. Enlist someone you trust – as I do Elaine – to tell you the truth.  With this and some internal calisthenics, I have rebalanced and reloaded for the next phase of my life.  I have found a moment of clarity.

  1. Todd – I couldn’t help but comment: Excellent post. AND, I have added perspective because I think the world of Elaine and I’m very happy for the both of you.

    I too have been working hard on living in the present, in the now. I’ll share with you two of my favorite quotes: “To LIVE is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” — Oscar Wilde and “The clock is running. Make the most of today. Time waits for no man. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it is called the present.” ~ Multiple sources.

    I enjoyed talking about music at the Styx concert – see you around, I’m sure.

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