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Enmity Gauged

Posted: March 18, 2012 in Lyrics & Poetry

Feel it pushing me back again
The distant tumult creates the wind
The rush of blue isn’t overrated
Sanguine rituals never overstated

Feel it lifting me up again
A force from the center of the earth
The decision most feared
Becomes everything clear

How profound – you see what is right in front of your face.  If what you want is off to the side – barely in your vision – and, what you have locked in front of your view is fear and anxiety, guess what, you have little hope of achieving your goals.

Getting rid of distractions and negative thought is not so easy.  I have recently been working with James Murphy, an Executive Coach from Evolution For Success to develop a life plan.  I needed improved life balance & career motivation.  To be fair, I really just needed to focus on what I wanted.  James helped me plow through distraction after distraction, while bringing into focus what I really wanted from career, relationships, fitness and so on.

So many good things have come from this effort.  Not the least of which is the vast improvement toward one of my life goals, which is to behave fearlessly.  That doesn’t mean stupidly.  It means without the distraction of fear.  In my work life and in my relationships, the difference is amazing.

As a result, I am kicking ass again and significantly enjoying what I do.  The plan is still baking a bit, but we are definitely on the right track here.  One of my goals is to behave fearlessly and that is right in front of my face every single day.